Public Relations and Marketing Communications has responsibility for the strategy that helps to build and protect the reputation of Georgia State and evoke positive actions from the university’s important constituencies by fostering their trust. We recognize that we need the strong support and involvement of the university community implement our strategy across its many dimensions. This toolkit provides the information you’ll need to be an effective communicator by creating high-quality and consistent content.

Headshot of President Becker

A Message From Georgia State President
Mark P. Becker

As members of the Georgia State community, we are all well aware of the important contributions our university makes to the world. But with increasing competition for the understanding and interest of the public, the rapidly evolving complexity of modern communications and the growth of social media and other channels, it is a continuing challenge for Georgia State to clearly and consistently tell its story to people who are critical to our success.

That is why it is essential that we define ourselves in an honest and distinctive manner, to zero in on the important elements that make our university special and to consistently convey critical messages that will foster public understanding and support for Georgia State.

We are an innovative university that transforms students’ lives in ways few other institutions can achieve, thanks to the mentoring, encouragement and creative solutions they get from our faculty and staff across our campus.