A-Z Index Link Submission Form

The A-Z Index is an ever-changing curated link list on the main Georgia State website. You may use the form below to submit your link. In order to be considered for the A-Z index, your link must comply with the following requirements. Should your link not meet the requirements, we will read your justification and see if an exception should be made.

Link Submission Requirements

  1. Each subdomain can only have one link in the directory. If you believe people look for your site under more than one term, you still may only have one link.
  2. No deep linking is allowed. If it is important enough to be on the index, it should be clearly link to from your site’s homepage or exposed navigation.
  3. Only websites can be linked. No document (pdf, doc, docx, etc.), graphic (gif, jpg, png, etc.) or movie (mov, mp4, wma, etc.) may be linked to the index.
  4. An exception may be made on a case-by-case basis after a review by Public Relations and Marketing Communications.

Submit requests for additions, updates and removal of items from the A-Z list at https://gsu.uservoice.com.