Design & Prototype Your Home Page

Your Home Page is the first impression for everyone who comes to your site.  This is your opportunity to tell your story by presenting key services and programs and/or to direct your audience to specific information.

When designing your Home Page consider the following:

  • Top Level Site Map Areas
  • Target Audience
  • Key Organizational Objectives

Build a list of information that needs to be on the Home Page considering the following factors:

  • Type of information:

    Promotional (Highlighting  particular program or service), News, Story, Profile, Access to Tools or Services, Current Events

  • Dynamic Nature:

    • Is the information cyclical based on the academic calendar or other timing?
    • Does the relevance of the information diminish over time? (e.g., news articles that need to be refreshed with newer ones)
    • Does the information need to be permanently available on the Home Page?
  • Display Size/Prominence

    • What size display/prominence is needed?  Large, Medium, Small

Use the Carousels and Featured Content Options, to place your identified content on the page in a format that best suits your needs.

  • Use the Carousel to display a dynamic set of prominent information to draw your audience in deeper.
  • Use one of the news display areas to highlight current news, stories and activities.
  • Use the events calendar to display a calendar of relevant current events.  You may choose to display a particular category or your entire calendar.
  • Use smaller display areas above or below the calendar to display items which will remain on the page permanently or semi-permanently.

Example Home Pages:

Robinson College of Business
GSU Undergraduate Admissions
GSU Foundation
GSU Housing