Gather Information

The first step in migrating your web site is to gather information. You may already be aware of the different goals, audiences and information related to your organization, but gathering and examining them in new ways can shed new light on how to best create your digital presence.

It is important to start off by asking a lot of questions to help understand your organization, the audiences you serve and your needs in a web site.

Things to consider:

  • Goals

What are the goals of your organization and how can the web site help accomplish those goals?

  • Target Audience

Who are the users of your website?  Why do they come to your site?  What action(s) do you want them to take when they come to your site?  It is important to consider the physical experience of the user even if your current site does not reflect this.

  • Cycles

Is the User Experience cyclical with different information driven by the academic calendar or other timeline?

  • Services

What services do you provide for your target audience(s)?  What are the processes and tools to support these services?

  • Analytics

What information on use of your current site or services do you have such as google analytics, requests for information, support calls, frequently asked questions?  GSU Web Services can help you set up, report and analyze appropriate metrics for your site.

GSU Metrics and Analysis Services 

  • Peer Site Review

What are other Universities/Colleges doing on their sites?  Are there examples that you feel are effective?