Faculty & Staff Directory

The Faculty Staff Directory is now ready for use.

A searchable directory which can be filtered by categories such as role and department is provided.

Each entry links to an individual biography which may include a picture, education, specializations, faculty rank, position title, email, phone, fax, LinkedIn url, location and publications.

The directory uses a custom post type with fields for key faculty and staff information.  The directory also uses custom taxonomy’s for Department and Roles.  These can be configured under the same dashboard option.  The intent of the Role item is to allow the directory to be filtered by Faculty, Staff and Researchers.  These three default roles will be setup by default.  However, these roles can be changed and additional roles added if appropriate.


  • Entries can be added from the Admin Dashboard using the Faculty and Staff Menu Item on the left.
  • Picture size is 300×300
  • The directory is accessed using the url: site url/profile
  • A specific role or department can be accessed using the url: site url/profile/department slug or
  • url: site url/profile/role slug
  • Individual Profiles can be accessed by using the url for the individual profiles
  • Faculty and Staff for sub-sites should be added in the parent site and broadcast to the sub-sites.  See separate section below on the Broadcast Plugin
  • You may also use the object to create a Department Contact Listing; however field labels such as Biography are geared towards individuals – the text entered in the lastname needs to start with the letter you want it listed under in the Directory.

See a Working Example