Feature Content

Feature Shortcodes allow you to display featured content on a home or landing page in a variety of content layouts.  The row, column, box, menu, recent posts, twitter and post shortcodes are combined to create these feature content areas.

  • Carousels
  • Column-based Features
  • Card Box Features
  • Product Lists
  • Video


Carousels provide a method to rotate a set of content in a prominent position on a page. Carousels may be used on the Home Page, Landing Pages and other inner pages of your site to rotate stories at the top of the page or content section.

Column-based Features

Column-based Feature Content combines the row, column, post, recent post, twitter and menu shortcodes to create different configurations of feature content.

Card Box Features

Card Box Features allow you to display card style pictures and links in a box or card style format on your home page and inner landing pages.  These are best used for “semi-permanent” features with no excerpt.

Product lists

Product Lists are used to highlight content such as degrees, departments, colleges and other content using a “product” style box in a single, two or three column layout on a Product List Page or default two-column content page.  


Video can be placed in the masthead of a page or embedded in the content of a page or posting using a plugin or embed code provided by the video hosting service.