Card Box Features

Card Box Features allow you to display card style pictures and links in a box or card style format on your home page and inner landing pages.  These are best used for “semi-permanent” features with no excerpt. You may have up to 4 evenly distributed columns.
Product Style

Minimum Image Size: 3 Column – 260 X 174 (1.5 W/H ratio); 4 Column: 180 X 120 (1.5 W/H ratio)

Example Usage: [row][column][box type="product" title="Product Style Example 1" id=3336][/box][/column][column][box type="product" title="Product Style Example 2" id=3342][/box][/column][column][box type="product" title="Product Style Example 3" id=3347][/box][/column][/row]

Card Style

Title Size: 26px
Minimum Image Size: 3 Column – 300 X 200 (1.5 W/H ratio)

Card Style Example 1

Card Style Example 2

Card Style Example 3

Shortcode Attributes
[row] class=”featured” places dashed lines between featured items
[column] no attributes
[box] type= product, card

idid of post to be featured in box

title = alternative title for feature; if none is specified and an id is provided, the title of the id’d page will be used.

attachment_id  used to specify a different image then the id’d articles feature image.

urlurl of link to open; use instead of the id attribute

target = target window if url attribute used