Navigation Menus

There are 3 type of navigation menus in the provided themes.  Click one of the links below to see examples:

Robinson College of Business  GSU Foundation 

Main Navigation Menu

The Main Navigation menu is the large mega drop down menu displayed at the top of page. This menu is created and edited using the WordPress Appearance Menu tools in the admin dashboard.  Each top level navigation menu is created as a separate menu and referenced in the main menu.  The first three levels of the menus are displayed in the Main Navigation Menu.  An additional two levels are displayed in the left hand menu.

Lefthand Menu

The Lefthand menu is displayed in the left sidebar on the default page template.  This menu starts at the highest level of menu defined to navigate to the page. An additional two levels are displayed in the lefthand menu.  So, for example, if the top level menu for “About Us” links to the About Us page, the top left hand menu will be About Us.  If you need the lefthand menu to start at a different point on a page, you need to create a separate menu for it.

Mega Breadcrumb Menu

The Mega Breadcrumb Menu mirrors the Main Navigation Menu for the current site ensuring users can always navigate back to the areas of the site easily and back to the main GSU site.