RedDot Migration Tool

The RedDot Migration tool allows you to migrate content from your existing site as pages or posts using a Bookmarklet in your browser. There are two components to the Migration Tool: The HTML Settings and the Bookmarklet.

The HTML Settings define how the content is migrated. The default settings for migrating main page content without the navigation and sidebars is already set. You can change the content type, page or post to determine whether migrated content is stored in WordPress as a page or posts. Typically, content in the form of news or stories, should be migrated as posts while informational content should be migrated as pages. When migrating posts, you can also choose the default category for the posts.


The Bookmarklet allows you to browse to a page or post on your current site and then choose the Bookmarklet to automatically migrate the content. The content is migrated as draft which can then be edited and published as needed. To setup your bookmarklet, create a book mark in your browser and copy the code from the RedDot Import setting in  the admin panel to the url for the bookmark.