Each Theme includes a set of widgets that can be used to add content to the Left Sidebar on the Default Page Template and to add features to the Main Navigation Menu. Below is a list of Widgets and their recommended use.

When the widgets are used in the left sidebar, they can be combined with the Widget Ninja plugin to control which pages and posts the widget displays in.  For example, the Links Widget example below was setup to display on any page in the “Academic Programs” category.

Associated Posts

Used to display posts associated with a page or post in the left sidebar. Associated Posts and Pages are identified when editing a particular page or post.

Example Usage:
Headlining History – GSU Magazine

Upcoming Events

Used to display events from your events calendar in the left sidebar or as a highlight in the main navigation menu.  You can display any upcoming events or limit it to specific categories, tags or events.

Example Usage:

Applying to Georgia State shows upcoming deadlines in the left sidebar
How Do I Apply shows upcoming deadlines under the How do I Apply main navigation menu

Category Posts

Used to display other recent posts from a category in the left sidebar of a page showing a post for a category. The widget automatically picks up the category of the post.

Example Usage:
Robinson News Releases

Featured Page Widget

Used to feature a page, multiple pages or category of posts in the Main Navigation Menu. The widget is added to the appropriate menu area under the Appearance/Widget section of the WordPress Admin Dashboard. If a category or multiple pages are selected, the articles will rotate each time the menu is loaded. The widget uses the Featured Image from the selected pages and posts.

Example Usage:


Used to display a set of links in the left sidebar.  The links are setup in the Links area of the WordPress Dashboard. Links can be displayed by category.

Example Usage:
Professional MBA
The links widget was used to display the list of Application links on the left.

Mailchimp List Sign-up

Used to display a form for sign-up to a Mail Chimp Mailing List in the left sidebar.
Example Usage: See Example in left sidebar of this page