Photography Guidelines

Remember the Rule of Thirds. Think about drawing lines that break your photo into nine squares of roughly equal sides and placing the most important visual elements where those lines cross. Remembering this principle will help you make your photo more compelling than simply centering an image.

Make sure to get names. If you’re photographing members of our university community or visitors you’d like to feature in media channels, captions are key. Ask your subjects to spell their first and last names and get relevant information such as the person’s major, hometown or title. Capturing this information at the time you’re shooting can save you the hassle of trying to track it down later.

Shoot horizontally and vertically. Horizontal images look best on Georgia State’s website. Shooting horizontal and vertical versions will ensure you have what you need for various uses.

Think social. We’re always looking for contributions to the university’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds. If you’ve captured something cool, share it on our social channels or contact social media coordinator Terry Coniglio.

When in doubt, ask for help. The talented professional photographers in Public Relations and Marketing Communications are happy to provide further guidance: 404-413-1368.