Social Media Guidelines

Social media TOOLS have changed the way we at Georgia State communicate internally and externally. While this guide is designed to provide you with the essential information needed to run a social channel please don’t hesitate to click  HELP if you have questions.

Are you considering social media?

Maintaining a quality social media channel that engages your audiences and brings them meaningful content is harder than it appears. Like a news site or blog, it requires regularly updated content and a community manager who is responsive to the audience. Deciding if your unit has the resources to maintain this channel of communication or whether it should feed into another channel is a primary consideration for anyone looking to use this medium.

What should you expect to do every day?

  • Set aside time every day for social media, usually at least an hour.
  • Listen to the conversations on the various platforms and post when you have relevant content to contribute to these conversations.
  • Engage with users and consider how you will respond to comments made on your social channel.

How do we handle a crisis on social media?

Do not represent your unit as the university. In a crisis situation, refrain from posting on social media channels until official statements have been released from PR and Marketing Communications. Please refer all social media activity about the crisis to PR and Marketing Communications.

How do you get approval to represent Georgia State
on social media?

Before joining a new social network on behalf of the university please seek approval from PR and Marketing Communications/Legal Affairs by requesting the appropriate form.

What tools can you use to measure success?

Most social media platforms come with free analytic tools such as Facebook Insights. It is important to familiarize yourself with these and determine which statistics are important to your department.  Remember that “likes” and “follows” aren’t as important as engagement. Statistics that show actual interactions are of more value.

Do you need help with your social media?

Please visit our Social Media TOOL page to learn more about what PR and Marketing Communications can offer you.  If you would like to speak to someone please contact Terry Coniglio at 404-413-1356 or