Athletic Logos

An important part of Georgia State’s visual identity program is the university athletic logos, including the mascot Pounce. The athletic logos promote Athletics and school spirit.

COMMKIT athletic marks[2]

A number of athletic logos are available for use in publications, signs, displays and other promotional materials that support school spirit. These images are distributed through Public Relations and Marketing Communications and Athletics for nonprofit use and through the Collegiate Licensing Co. for distribution for profit.

Like the university logo, the athletic logos may not be manipulated or changed in any way and should always be reproduced from official artwork in official colors in the manner described in this guide. All athletic logos, including the Panther Head, are copyrighted.


Pounce is a copyrighted image and should always appear in his official colors — PMS 286 blue and white. The red in Athletic logos is PMS 186. To ensure uniform color reproduction, Pounce colors may not be screened. For further guidance, contact Public Relations and Marketing Communications. See more information on Color Usage here.



When is it appropriate for a group other than Athletics to use the Athletics logo?

Answering “yes” to the following questions MAY mean that you will be able to use the athletics logo. Logo use must be approved by Public Relations and Marketing Communications and Athletics before being produced. Please make sure to leave plenty of time for approval in the production process.

  • Will the item be used to promote the university as a whole, not just an individual group, department or program?
  • Does the logo stand alone (not grouped with other elements such as type, graphics or unit names)?
  • Will the item be distributed for free?
  • Have you received permission from Public Relations, Marketing and Communication and Athletics to use the logo?