Logo and Trademark Reproduction Guidelines

The following guidelines set standards of consistency and unity in the use of the institution’s logo.

  • The Georgia State University logo is a registered trademark protected by federal law.
  • The logo is arranged in four approved configurations in a designated range of approved colors and color combinations. The two parts of the logo — the mark (flame) and logotype — are always used together (with rare exceptions, as noted in this guide). Neither the mark nor the logotype may be manipulated or changed. Since each of the approved logo configurations is a complete unit, each must be used exactly as shown in this manual.
  • An approved university logo should appear prominently on all publications, such as on the front or back cover, in a size appropriate to the overall size of the document. The logo should also appear at the opening of a film, video or official university Web site and on every print advertisement.
  • An authorized version of the flame without the logotype may be used when appropriate, such as on certain kinds of merchandise. Direct questions about appropriate usage to the Public Relations, Marketing and Communications.
  • No academic or administrative unit, department, center, institute, program or grant may have its own logo. Secondary images dilute the university’s brand prohibiting the university from maximizing the impact of a single graphic identity. For further guidance, contact Public Relations, Marketing and Communications
  • The university logo may appear with other logos on publications for cooperative programs. (Cooperative programs involve two or more academic, support or auxiliary units of Georgia State University or a unit of the university and one or more units of outside institutions, organizations or agencies. An example of a cooperative program would be a conference co-sponsored by the Georgia State University College of Education, the Division of Student Affairs and the American Red Cross.) Publications materials, such as posters, brochures and programs, that combine graphic elements from each of the sponsoring agencies may include the use the university logo in an approved form, giving consideration to the most visually compatible configuration. However, the Georgia State logo should not be used in conjunction with another logo or mark in such a way as to create one image.

Authorized Artwork

University marks must always be reproduced from authorized original artwork suitable for reproduction. Original artwork is available through Public Relations, Marketing and Communications in digital formats for Macintosh- or Windows-compatible systems. Original artwork is not to be redrawn, re-proportioned or modified in any way.


Collegiate Licensing Co. is the official agency that licenses all Georgia State University logos and trademarks for use and sale. The athletic marks including Pounce are copyrighted, and the university logo and seal are registered trademarks. For more information, contact the Department of Auxiliary Services .