Official University Logos

The Georgia State logo communicates the character and reputation of the university. It creates immediate and positive recognition. The university has several variations of the signature logo to meet different design needs, but the stacked logo (Figure 1) is the primary logo and should be used whenever possible. Remember, do not modify the logo to fit a design idea — modify the idea to fit the logo. The Georgia State University logo is a unit composed of two parts:

  • the university name in specially modified type treatments (logotype)
  • a graphic mark (flame)

The graphic mark is an abstract representation of the letters G and S. But the function of this mark is not that it can be read as the school’s initials, but that it is a strong visual symbol that is easily recognized, remembered and associated with Georgia State University. Further symbolism may be read into the mark. There is a flame-like aspect that can be seen as symbolizing both the traditional flame of knowledge as well as the mythical phoenix, the symbol of the post-Civil War resurrection of the city of Atlanta. Proper Logo Spacing

Horizontal logos

There are 2 horizontal logo versions that may be used as alternatives in particular design contexts such as horizontal banners. (Figure 2) Horizontal Logos

Circular logos

The circular logo is another version that also may be used as alternatives in particular design contexts. (Figure 3) circular logos


The flame graphic mark and underline is appropriate for limited uses, such as on certain kinds of merchandise. Direct questions about appropriate usage for all logos should be directed to the Division of University Relations. (Figure 4) Flame logo

The University Seal

The Georgia State University seal is the official hallmark indicating authenticity in both the ceremonial and legal senses. It is used exclusively by the president, provost and the legal and financial affairs departments. The seal is appropriately used on certificates, diplomas and invitations to official functions. The university seal should not be used as a logo or as a marketing tool. Georgia State Seal