Letterhead, Envelopes and Business Cards

Because they are universally used, stationery and business cards are the foundation of the visual identity program and must adhere to identity guidelines. The Public Relations, Marketing and Communications division maintains all templates for stationery and business cards. All Georgia State University business cards, stationery and envelopes are now ordered online through University Printing & Copy Services, Georgia State’s official print shop.

Letterhead and Envelopes

Georgia State University letterhead and envelopes print in blue, red and gray on white paper. A mailing address including a mail stop code and phone number are required on letterhead. The official mailing address of most Georgia State units has a mail stop code assigned by and available through Auxiliary Services. The standard format of “By mail” and “In person” is used to differentiate the mailing address from a campus location. “In person” information and fax numbers are optional on all stationery and business cards.

To enhance the university’s professional image, printed letterhead, not copies, should be used in off-campus communications. Units can also order half- and monarch-sized letterhead with matching envelopes.

Business cards

Business cards are available in standard format. Cards with numerous phone numbers or extensive titles and unit names are printed in standard type to accommodate the amount of information. “In person” information is optional on business cards.

Other stationery

Standard forms of memo pads, routing slips, large envelopes, mailing labels and business reply mail are also available through Public Relations, Marketing and Communications. To control costs, all print in one color — blue — on white paper. On all but business reply mail and large envelopes, most information is optional.


A range of invitation templates using different logo configurations are available through Public Relations, Marketing and Communications. They may be printed in one, two or three colors with or without envelopes and reply cards. All invitations using the university logo should print on white paper.

Example of official Georgia State stationery