Embracing Discovery and Creativity That Improve Our World

Georgia State’s faculty inspires students through their commitment to teaching, mentoring, pioneering research and creative achievement. Aided by Atlanta’s global connections, faculty collaborate in a spirit of inno-vation and entrepreneurship to improve quality of life and strengthen economies in Atlanta and around the globe. The faculty’s creative and artistic achievements have an enduring cultural impact locally, nationally and globally. Georgia State’s commitment to addressing the problems, issues and opportunities common to the world’s cities make it a valuable cultural and economic asset to Atlanta. Its location in the heart of Atlanta, a fast-growing metropolitan area with more than five million people and more than a dozen headquarters of Fortune 500 companies, promotes synergies and partnerships unavailable at most other research universities.

Key Points

  • A center of pioneering research and creative achievement
  • Atlanta experiences that extend statewide and beyond
  • A lasting impact on quality of life and economy of Atlanta
  • Urban synergies and partnerships unavailable at most other research universities