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Celebrating Student Accomplishments Through Merit Pages

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Merit Contribution Form

We’d love to share your stories about people, programs, and accomplishments by publishing them on Georgia State’s Merit page. Merit showcases success at Georgia State by publicizing things like honors lists, participating in a club or activity, landing an internship or studying abroad. Fill out and submit the form with as much information as you can. Updates look best with a photo so add one if possible. After you submit your suggestion, we’ll review it and may publish it on our Merit page. Anyone you tag in the form will also have an update posted to their Merit page.

What is Merit?

Georgia State uses Merit to celebrate student accomplishments and turn those achievements into an online profile – a Merit page – for every one of our students. These Merit pages are automatically updated by Georgia State when students make the dean’s list, study abroad, earn academic awards and more. Hundreds of colleges in the U.S. use Merit to recognize and promote success via personalized Merit pages for their students. Updates to Merit pages are also shared with a network of stakeholders who care about each student’s success: their high school, their hometown media outlets, their parents and friends via social networks. Updating these important audiences with personalized stories of success helps Georgia State demonstrate the plentiful opportunities available on campus.


Why is Merit important for students?

Your Merit page is created and updated automatically. You don’t have to maintain it. The university does it for you. Other organizations in the Merit network, such as national honor societies, Greek organizations and service groups can also add achievements to your Merit page. You can, however, enhance and add to your page if you desire. Merit allows students to customize their Merit page URL, add a profile photo, bio and other activities and work experience. You can even include photos and videos to the activities to further demonstrate your involvement. When you connect your Merit page to your social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, you’ll ensure your friends and family can also see and learn about the great opportunities you’re taking advantage of and being recognized for at Georgia State.

How Merit works

Merit is an automated email system managed by Public Relations and Marketing Communications

  • You’ll receive an email from at your student email address.
  • After opening the message, click “view my achievement.”
  • Claim your Merit page by connecting through Facebook, Twitter or email. Your Merit page will showcase your achievements.
  • Customize your page with a photo, personal activities and privacy settings.
  • Share your badge via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email.
  • Look for future emails with badges for student accomplishments.

How to opt out

  • Follow the opt-out instructions at the bottom of any Merit email you receive.