Digital Asset Library


The Digital Asset Library (DAL) provides access to the university’s photos for use in promoting your college, school, program, department or unit on the Web, in print and in other media. Not only can you download files, you can create your own collections to share with colleagues. Hosted in the Cloud, the library is accessible at all times anywhere Internet access is available.

Who Has Access

The DAL is primarily for Georgia State campus communicators such as designers and PR staff. Special permission is given temporarily when a staff or faculty member needs access to a lot more images than can be found in our Global Collection (see below).

The DAL is not meant for student use, unless your student assistant is your campus communicator and is in charge of social media updates and other updates to the Web.

If you are looking for a special image you have seen on the website or in a brochure, email with a sample of the photo and the intended use and we will consider your request and email it to you within a week.

Getting Started

The first time you access the site you’ll need to create an account by following these steps:
1. Go to the GSU Digital Asset Library (
2. Click the button that says “Login with Campus ID.”
3. Your request will need approval. Our office asks for one business day to review your request.
4. You will receive an email with approval, directing you to the site again.
5. Use your campus ID or your new password to access thousands of Georgia State images.

Hover over a picture to download.

Contact Information

Meg Buscema
Phone: 404.413.1368


The files made available in the Digital Asset Library and Global Collection are for use by the Georgia State community only for the purpose of promoting Georgia State and its programs. No files found at this website may be transmitted to any non-Georgia State entity without written permission.