Design a Website

The Digital Strategy team enables Web communication technologies designed to provide the most flexible and intuitive experience possible. The stronger the connection between your content strategy and the technology the more likely your crafted communication will positively affect your target audience. As we begin the beta process and through to general release you will find a growing set of resources and tools designed to make the technical side of your campaign easier throughout the Georgia State Website Builder.


WordPress Theme Development

External Communication Services is continually looking for ways to improve the web presence of Georgia State Univerisity. Our process in building includes the following steps:

  • User Experience Design: Developing an audience focused navigational and directory structure for the web site
  • Visual Design Concepts: Developing a distinct and progressive look and feel for the website as it appears in the browser
  • XHTML and CSS Mockups: Taking the visual design and converting it to a standards-compliant website
  • CMS Theme: Development of concepts and mockups into fully functional, production-ready website themes to be used in Content Management Systems (CMS)

Themes in the Works

Following the rollout of our current Enterprise theme, External Communication Services will be considering the needs of GSU for other themes within the family.  This may include themes for:

  • Online news rooms
  • Conference and Special Event Landing Pages
  • Social media home pages


If you have suggestions or feedback please use the blue tab on the left side of the screen. Thanks in advance for taking the time to make this product better.

Beta projects are underway

Before the GSU Website Builder is turned on our development team is testing with communicators and webmasters like yourself to ensure you have the best experience possible.