Training and Support

External Communication Services provides training and support for the WordPress themes we support and in more general web-related subjects such as web content, information architecture, best practices and social media.

In Development

Training and support materials are currently underdevelopment. Please feel free to browse our growing knowledge base.

What External Communication Services Can Do for You:

Individual and Group Training Courses

One-on-one or group training on a variety of website topics is available through the Exchange. Some suggested trainings would include Photoshop, podcasting and RedDot. WordPress training opportunities will be announced in on 17 September 2012. Contact the Exchange to schedule your training today.

User Support Groups

The campus community offers several user support groups around the topic of web communications. The two main groups are the Campus Communicators and the Campus Webmasters. They meet together once a month to discuss their projects and to see where the university is heading over the next few weeks in their web efforts. If you would like to participate in either of these groups, please contact Andrea Jones at 404-413-1351  or  [email protected] or Cody Benson at 404-413-4381 or [email protected].

Notification of Users Regarding New Services and Features

In the near future, we will implement a regular mailing list to keep you abreast of any new services or features to the site.

Customer Feedback and Surveys

Your feedback is important to us. It lets us know how we’re doing and what you would like to see done next. That’s why on every page you’ll see a “Feedback & Help” button on the left. Go ahead, click it now. You can close it and come right back here without losing your place. This is one of the best ways to send us your thoughts. Your comments are also public, so you can keep our feet to the fire.

Toolset Documentation

External Communication Services provides comprehensive documentation on our WordPress templates and other tools and applications, in addition to GSU communication style  GUIDES. This documentation is available here in the Communication Toolkit and in context within your WordPress site’s administration panels.

Online Training Videos

Online training videos are available through All Faculty, Staff and Students have access to These videos will allow you to go as deep as you want or to just learn the basics on a variety of subjects. Recommended viewing includes: WordPress Essential Training, Photoshop Essential Training and Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter. For information on how to access, just visit Online Training.