Website Rehab

The Georgia State University website is the collection of several largest web structures representing all of the units across the campus. With several colleges,  dozens of centers, institutes and clinics, we have hundreds of web sites within at GSU. Making sure that they maintain quality, up-to-date information and content is a full-time job for scores of individuals at the university.

Like a physical structure, web sites sometimes need maintenance: minor repairs needs to be made, areas need redecorating or re-purposing, demolition will occur as things become irrelevant, and additions have to be considered, planned for and built. External Communication Services provides web branding GUIDES and technical HELP to assist content providers to make these remodeling projects quicker, easier, and a little less stressful.

Moving into the WordPress Template

External Communication Services works with GSU units to provide a sound content strategy to migrate both their legacy HTML websites and RedDot websites into the new official GSU WordPress theme using a Bookmarktlet tool.

For departments using the 2008 RedDot Template, the page transfer can take less than a minute, but depending on the complexity of your site. For older WordPress template sites and for sites built in static HTML, the process will take longer and will require a step by step migration process in order to move into the template.

During the early adopter period: As part of the rollout of the WordPress content management system early adopters have been selected to test and extend the initial build of the Georgia State University WordPress network tool.  Site migration is a primary focus.  Only early adopters have access to migrate their sites and are doing so in concert with our consulting partner in order to focus on developing a sound content strategy.  Each of the sites are hosted in a shared cloud infrastructure.  This allows GSU to develop standard themes and leverage the best WordPress plugins available in the marketplace in an easily managed environment. We invite you to learn more about the early adopter program and the primary goals of this awesome project.
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Website Update Services

The following list of services may be provided to units during the migration process. Please request these services using our help & feedback tab on the left.

Content Analysis

Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to look at the content of your site to see ways to make it more inviting to users not familiar with the organization and its services. These services include: ROT Analysis, Strategic Content Review, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Competitive Analysis of Peer Review Sites

External Web Services reviews your peer institution sites and competitors to compare their site navigation, content, tone of voice and paths to action to establish best practices within your niche. This report helps to determine the best course of action to reach your audiences, to know what the conventions are in the industry, and to identify ways that we can break those conventions to help you stand apart.

Refresh Photography and Graphics

Great visuals are important for capturing the eyes of casual web users. External Communication Services provides graphic design support for GSU web sites, including illustration and photography. During the migration to the new WordPress templates, our team will help to transfer existing graphic design content and makes sure it’s consistent with the new template in terms of size, color and style.

Code Validation and Cleanup (W3C)

Web Services can review the source code of your site and clean out redundant or deprecated methods of rendering your site. The team checks the code to see if it validates to the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which sets community standards for the web..

Information Architecture Development

Information Architecture is concerned with the overall categorization of content within a web site. This is no easy challenge, as there are many different ways to organize the content, requiring extensive research and analysis to determine the best method for a particular audience, as well as periodic review and testing to refine the approach.

In doing so, your sites will load faster, be more accessible to those with disabilities, and will work more efficiently with the latest web browsers and be able to use the latest techniques and applications the web has to offer.

Need Help with a Project?

Please use the HELP tool and tell us a little bit about your project and we will see what we can offer. While the team is focused on the beta projects at hand we certainly may be able to provide the kind of effective guidance to get you up and running quickly.