Why is Usability Important?

Usability looks at how easy it is for a user of your site to navigate your website and accomplish the goals that you have set for that site – apply for admissions to your college, sign up for training services, find information resources, etc.  Reviewing your site for usability issues and finding ways to address them is critical for a well-functional and effective web presence. Without it, your site runs the potential of being too difficult to use and people will leave the site.

How Can You Improve Your Site’s Usability?

Peer Site Comparisons for Best Practices

A comprehensive review of the websites of your peer institutions is a good way to garner a reliable analysis of trends and common conventions to determine:

  • Market position
  • Content gaps and opportunities
  • Feature enhancements that will provide better site experiences

Readability and Comprehension Level of Content Reviews

A key factor in building a well-used site is in providing content that is well-written and easy to understand and process by audience. Digital Strategy provides templates and guidelines for fonts, headings, color usage, labeling and structure. Analyze the content of your site to ensure you are following the University Guidelines: