Plurals & Possessives


Form plurals of family names that end in “s” by adding “es.”

Right: The Jameses live in Inman Park.
Right: The James family lives in Inman Park.

Form plurals and possessives of proper names that end with “s,” “x” and “z” like this:

Right: Burns’ poems
Right: Marx’s theories
Right: Savitz’s holdings

Plural possessives combine the above rules:

Right: the Jones family’s reputation
Right: The Joneses’ reputation


Form plurals of the following by adding “s” alone:

Right: dos and don’ts
Right: CDs
Right: M.A.s and Ph.D.s
Right: The three Rs
Right: the early 1920s
Right: several YMCAs
Right: CODs and IOUs
Right: in twos and threes

Form plurals of the following by adding ’s:

Right: S’s, A’s and I’s
Right: x’s and o’s
Right: SOS’s